About Cogent

Founded in 2014, Cogent Labs is devoted to providing innovative solutions to real-world problems in order to improve people’s quality of work and life through intelligent automation.

We believe achieving this goal requires a deep understanding of customers' needs and practices in order to build products that can leverage the power of custom AI models through a carefully crafted UI and UX. Our main product is SmartRead, a generic and versatile solution for automating digital and analog document processing for a wide range of businesses.

Headquartered in Tokyo, we are a diverse company with international members from 20 different countries. We are looking for exceptional talent with deep domain expertise that are eager to work with our team on crafting and delivering unique value to our customers.

What we offer

  • Competitive Salary - Based on skills and experience.
  • Performance bonus eligibility twice a year.
  • Work Hours - Standard work hours 9:00 -18:00 with flexible time system around core hours.
  • Telework Policy - 6 days / month.
  • Paid Holiday - Maximum 20 days per year (additional Congratulatory, Bereavement leaves available).
  • Holiday - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holidays, and Year-end and New Year holidays.


  • Visa Sponsorship.
  • Support for language training.
  • Free in-office breakfast, coffee, tea, drinks and snacks.
  • Subsidized gym membership.
  • Monthly commute expense.
  • Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, employment insurance etc.).
  • Maternity leave, childcare leave (including male employees).
  • Yearly health checkup.

Job Summary

Cogent Labs is seeking an experienced and dynamic engineer to play a pivotal role in building, optimizing, and maintaining our On-premises installation platform for our AI-powered products.


  • Lead the development and maintenance of our on-premises installation/deployment platform, ensuring exceptional levels of usability, scalability, and security.
  • Optimize performance of Kubernetes-based microservices and machine-learning pipelines to enhance overall system efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Implement robust logging, monitoring, and diagnostic tooling (e.g. Loki, Prometheus, and in-house platform features) to allow timely resolution of customer issues and pre-release testing.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve complex issues across network, infrastructure, database, and application code, ensuring seamless platform operation.
  • Collaborate closely with developers and product owners to understand deployment requirements and provide expert technical guidance throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Document specifications and architecture to facilitate knowledge sharing and streamline customer operations.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in on-premises deployment technologies, cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and related topics.

Required experience

  • Excellent problem-solving and diagnostic skills, with the ability to debug complex issues.
  • Deploying applications to remote on-premises / air-gapped environments.
  • Managing Kubernetes clusters and understanding core concepts around scaling, networking, and storage.
  • Packaging and releasing applications in Kubernetes via Helm.
  • Troubleshooting Linux issues (e.g. disk, networking, logs, etc.).
  • Operating common databases like Redis and Postgres.
  • Monitoring and metric collection with Prometheus or similar technology.
  • Ability to interpret logs and errors from JavaScript and Python applications and to communicate details to developers effectively.

Preferred experience

Familiarity or hands-on experience with any of the following is a plus:

  • Application development in Node JS, Python, or Golang.
  • Karpenter, Knative, KEDA, and/or similar kubernetes technologies.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Business-level Japanese.

Team culture

The Cogent Labs engineering department is continuously working towards developing a culture improving and rewarding the following qualities:

  • Team effort: A cohesive team can be more effective than an isolated prodigy. Engineers are expected to work well in groups and look for opportunities to empower their colleagues.
  • Ownership: Take full responsibility for your own projects and tasks and if needed, cross over boundaries in order to successfully deliver your project.
  • Self-improvement: Create an environment where engineers can focus on their engineering tasks and self-improvement without excessive outside disturbances.
  • Experimentation: Engineers should have some freedom in experimenting with new ideas and technologies, as this ultimately could translate into building better products or the creation of valuable new IP.
  • Quality & Excellence: Maintaining a mindset of developing high quality features and code. We avoid cutting corners as much as possible.
  • Customer Service: Being customer focused, not only externally but internally as well. This means developing services that not only improve the experience of our end customers, but also being ‘customer service’ oriented within your team and the company as a whole by helping out others and sharing knowledge.

The ideal candidate

  • can empathize Cogent Labs’ VISION and MISSION.
  • is a team player who aims for higher goals.
  • has integrity and humility, and shows respect and gratitude to others.
  • prefers open and transparent communication.
  • has a strong growth mindset.
  • can receive feedback positively and provide constructive feedback to others.