Research Engineer

We are looking for Research Engineers to join Cogent Labs Research department.
Research Engineers work with Research Scientists on diverse range of problems including: development of algorithms and prototypes, tools and libraries to support research and quick prototyping, data analysis and visualization, experiment design and results reporting.


  • Provide programming support to research projects
  • Develop prototypes of new features for existing products and proof of concept for new products in collaboration with our research scientists
  • Communicate regularly with researchers to report the progress of your projects
  • Develop new libraries for feature processing, visualization
  • Communicate with MLE engineers to ensure good transition from prototype to product
  • Ensure good knowledge transfer from prototype to product, including capabilities, limitations, possible extensions

Minimum qualifications

  • Master degree in either machine learning, statistics, signal processing, computer science or equivalent
  • Experience working in a team, and familiar with modern software engineering practices such as testing and source code management
  • Able to take initiative, doesn't require constant supervision, very organized and methodological in his/her approach
  • Proven experience in python and one deep learning framework

Preferred qualifications

  • Proven experience in TensorFlow or PyTorch, and able to implement the latest research in the framework
  • Familiar with the scientific python ecosystem (NumPy, Pandas, Jupyter notebooks, Scikit Learn)
  • Contributions to open source projects, ideally scientific ones
  • Experience with data visualization and data processing, building data pipelines
  • A passion for sushi and AI